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A community of monthly donors who believe every child should grow up in a loving family.

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Homes of Love works internationally to support in-country parents as they provide permanent families for children in need.

Homes of Love families are places of restoration. Our parents care for hurting children, offering them protection, guidance, spiritual hope, and love.

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Why The Village?

We believe God intends for every child to grow up in a loving family. But they need others too. People who will pray for them. People who will visit them. People who will provide small gifts like a stuffed animal and large gifts like a new computer for school.

Since we began in 2000, we have learned that the old adage is true – it truly takes a village to raise a child.

We cannot do this work alone. We need people like you who will support families as they do the daily work of loving hurting children.

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Where We Work

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Measurable Results, Immeasurable Impact



have experienced loving families through




Current Children

Children who are currently living in Homes of Love homes


Camps & Retreats

Family camps, as well as retreats for parents and young adult children


Further Education

Homes of Love children who have pursued college or vocational training

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Here's what you can expect as a member of The Village:

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Changed Lives

Parental attention and nurture is vital to the healthy development of children. And when a child is hurting, the care of a family provides a place for healing and restoration. When you support safe, loving families, you are significantly impacting lives.

Family Connection

At least once a year, you’ll receive a personal update from one of our Homes of Love families and have the opportunity to encourage them with a personal letter.

Quarterly Village Update

A quarterly report sent via e-mail to update you on what is happening in each of our countries and remind you how much your monthly contribution matters.

Homes of Love Children

From the beginning, our vision - God’s vision - was to see parental attention and nurture bring healing and restoration for hurting children.

There are so many beautiful stories God has written in the years since.


Sokha lost his father and was in danger of losing his mother who could not afford to raise him as a single parent. He is now excelling in school and growing in his Christian faith with great potential to help transform his community and country as he grows.


Tuong spent her young life plagued by unexplained illness, but is now able to control her asthma and has grades at the top of her class in her post-secondary studies.


Quyen, who began her life living on the streets of Vietnam, is now a college graduate, Christ-follower, and Homes of Love employee!

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A monthly donor community that believes every child deserves a loving family.

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